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Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Monday, April 25, 2016

Shared By Dr. Eugene Huang

This is an excellent review article of 14 clinical trials using stereotactic radiotherapy for prostate cancer. These trials show that stereotactic radiotherapy is effective with tumor-control rates greater than 80% to 100%. Furthermore, this non-invasive treatment is safely well-tolerated with less than 1% of patients experiencing grade 3 or higher side effects.

For patients with early-stage disease, stereotactic radiotherapy is an excellent option to consider, in addition to standard treatment options including surgery, brachytherapy, or external-beam radiation. One of the significant advantages of stereotactic radiotherapy is that it can be administered in only five daily treatments, versus a standard course of external-beam radiation which can take up to nine weeks. This difference significantly improves patient convenience and access to care, especially for Alaskans who often must travel great distances for cancer treatment.

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